The Remote Year Honeymoon Stage

I almost have no words to describe my feelings and thoughts right now. I am having an incredible time in an incredible place with incredible people. It is like study abroad in Scotland times 1,000. It is a social experiment. It is a challenge. It is outside of my comfort zone. And yet, I still have to get groceries and do laundry once in a while. I’m head-over-heels amped that I accepted this offer because I know my life has been and will continue to be impacted.

And don’t worry, family and friends, I “almost” have no words to describe this. But my name is Jessica, and I am a professional rambler of written words. :)

*Side note: If you are not at least a semi-professional reader of rambling written words, I still love you. This month’s google photo album is for you.

So, first week in the books. Can I just say…

The honeymoon stage rocks.

I have eaten so much good food (sorry not sorry to those of you who watch what I eat via snapchat). I have seen so many old gorgeous buildings and pieces of art. I also went to a contemporary art museum which was trippy at times, but still very cool. The building we’re working in is wonderful, beautiful, and typically way to distracting for me to actually get work done (too many potential new friends!!). I get to say “Ahoy!” instead of hello and goodbye, which is preparing me for the day that I join a band of pirates. Embarrassingly, I sometimes catch myself making a hook with my hand as I say it… My building is so cool. I have my own big bed, tons of space, and great roommates and friends in the building. All the Prague tourist sites make my heart melt. So much time and work went into the art. I know I won’t be able to see all the beautiful things and sunsets but at least I know I’ll have reasons to come back. Because I will.

At the same time, there are pieces of reality sprinkled in my honeymoon experiences. I learned that I need to make a conscious effort to drink more water since it is not freely given at every single meal. I’ve been using my iPad as a mirror since our bedrooms are surprisingly free of reflective objects. Most of the restaurants have been really good for non-Czech speakers like us, but we still haven’t figured out what to do with all the colorful money. And don’t even get me started on proper tipping etiquette (aka, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING). I may not speak Czech fluently yet, but I’m certainly trying – and may actually be calling people names instead of saying thank you.

And yes. I have been working. It’s a new routine in a new place, but I’m getting things done. My typical day now is working in the morning (8/9am to 12/1pm). Then, I’ll usually go out for food. Take about two hours because of the long conversations and the relaxed nature of the service. Absolutely no complaints. Then, I work some random amount of hours depending on the amount of work I need to finish. I will now have a call with a team member every night, so I’m sure that will determine the amount of extra time I put in. But, so far, I’ve gotten to do whatever I want with the post dinner hours. Which is usually more long meals and long conversations. :)

I definitely 100% appreciate all of the love being sent my way recently from back home, and I want you to know, I am in my happy place. The people. The places. The food. All the new. I’m in love already.

And I have friends. I was honestly kind of nervous to write that because I didn’t want to jinx anything, but two of ma girls also posted blogs today and marked our friendship on the interwebs forever. Because my parents have asked, here are three blogs from the people I have been exploring Prague with:

And that’s about the gist of it. Go look at my pictures. Start planning trips to Prague. Say hello to someone like the Czech (and pirates) do. I dare you. :)

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  1. Enjoy your time and we’ll enjoy your blogs. Tell your friends “Hi” for Mema and PawPaw. We enjoyed their blogs also.

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