The True Cost of Remote Year For Me: Part Three

It’s time, friends and strangers. I’ve avoided it for long enough. Today’s the day we talk about one of the most taboo subjects: actual cash money. This post is going to be about Remote Year spending beyond the (currently) $2,000 monthly fee. It’s part of my series of posts on “costs” of Remote Year. Like when I wrote about the details about what that monthly fee covered. Or the abstract/personal costs. Good times. Now remember how I said I’d write a post about the actual monetary cost of Remote Year? It’s time.  I obviously could have written this earlier, but now

Remote Year Month 7: Mexico City Recap

For some reason, I’m totally unmotivated to write about the last month in the first few weeks of each month. I’d blame it on the excitement and adventure, but that’s not true. It’s probably more that I don’t want to say goodbye to these places. I keep convincing myself it’s not over. That was especially true in Mexico City (as well as Valencia). I went in with pretty low expectations. Not many people vacation in Mexico City, and I knew no one who lived there. But, boy did I fall in love. I think my whole group fell in love,

Long Term Travel and Emotions

I am not good at having feelings. I’m especially not good at hiding them; I have cried in pretty much every embarrassing moment there is to cry. If my brain was set up like the brain in the movie Inside Out, my emotions would be so confused all the time. Sadness is probably always crying in the corner over some memory or some potentially sad thing or a YouTube video I just watched about soldiers coming home to their families. Fear is trying to figure out why sadness is crying and coming up with all the potentially bad situations that

Remote Year Month 6: Valencia Recap

Let me be completely honest with you for a few minutes. By the time November rolled around, I was kind of sick of the “digital nomad” cycle. I was sick of packing and unpacking my bags. I was sick of having to find new grocery stores and ATMs and pharmacies and go-to bars and restaurants. I was sick of learning new language phrases. I was sick of figuring out how to work a new stove, shower, and washing machine. After five months on the road, and a really rough month in Rabat, I was in a pretty weird emotional state.

Remote Year Month 5: Rabat Recap

Morocco!! Africa!! Month 5!! Anyone else feel equal parts excited and anxious at the sight of those words? No? Just me? Cool, cool. How about cockroaches? Bottled water? No access to Whatsapp/Skype/Hangout calls? Or French food? Camel rides? Super moon in the Sahara? Suffice it to say, Month 5 in Morocco was a perfect example of my Remote Year life: extremely high highs, but extremely low lows… Highlight of the Month This is hard!! I’m going to split between three… 1) Hiking to the Bridge of God near the Blue City. I haven’t had that much fun in a while.