The Problem with “Later”

“I’ll do it later.” “Someday, I’d like to…” “Eventually, we should…” “I’ll work on it when I get some more free time.” How often do you use those excuses or something like that when it comes to your passions/dreams/goals? I’m not talking about using them for the chores. I am still working on no longer being a chore-procrastinator myself. I’m talking about those things that you’ve wanted to do since you were a kid. Or those things that grab your attention and refuse to let you go. Every once in a while, I’ll get hooked on an idea or a

But you seem so normal… Q&A With a Homeschooled College Graduate

It’s true, it’s true. I was, in fact, homeschooled. Every year until high school graduation. But the word “homeschool” is misleading. I like to think of it as “anywhere-you-want-school.” Or just plain “everywhere-school,” because my school life never took place in just one building. My schooling took place when we were out to dinner (math problems on the back of kids’ menus). It took place on family vacations (historical spots and cultural events). Most of the time, it took place in the living room though. And yes, it was almost always done in some sort of pajamas. For those of

Living in a Basement: How to Stay Warm

As you may already know, I am living in a basement. A really cold basement. Over the last few days, local temps have gotten to early-summer temperatures. I was so excited for this! But then I realized that the heat doesn’t seem to change the temperature at all in my basement apartment. I still sleep with four blankets. I still wear slippers and sweatshirts. And my hands still get cold when I’m typing. What is this madness? I’m told that all basements are like this. So if you are living in a basement too, I’m here for you. And I have

5 Ways to Eat Potatoes

Recently, my youngest sister and I have been joking about starting a restaurant based on my favorite food: potatoes. I seriously love any and all type of potato food. Mashed, fried, crisped, baked, covered in gravy and cheese curds. Thick or thin. Red, white, or yellow. Though I am still working on the best way to enjoy sweet potatoes. Can you picture a potato restaurant though? The possibilities are endless! Unless a recipe doesn’t allow potatoes in. That would be the end of the possibilities, I guess. So what better way to share my love of potatoes than to make a

Codecademy Review: Learn HTML and CSS Basics

I minored in Computer Science in college. And while I enjoyed the classes and the topics, I didn’t love them. I had some really good professors and super smart classmates, but I mostly just felt intimidated! Besides my intro to computer science class, I was always the only girl in the classroom. And even in that intro class, there were only about five of us girls in a thirty person class. And although I loved (and still love) technology and computers, I had no experience working behind the scenes. Or behind the screen. I had done a lot of work