Things I’ve Learned About My Future

Most people who know me know that I love the idea of the future. The next. The new. The possibilities. I’m a little bit obsessed with having multiple five year plans – or at least I was until I came on Remote Year. This year, I haven’t had to plan nearly anything except a few side trips. I’m paying Remote Year to choose where I go, how I get there, where I live, and where I work. My decisions are silly things like where to eat and which desert to get. Now that we have less than 100 days in

Long Term Travel and Emotions

I am not good at having feelings. I’m especially not good at hiding them; I have cried in pretty much every embarrassing moment there is to cry. If my brain was set up like the brain in the movie Inside Out, my emotions would be so confused all the time. Sadness is probably always crying in the corner over some memory or some potentially sad thing or a YouTube video I just watched about soldiers coming home to their families. Fear is trying to figure out why sadness is crying and coming up with all the potentially bad situations that

A Sentence for Each Month

Let’s do something fun and easy. A one sentence recap of each month. Or a few sentences. Brevity is not my strength. To keep things interesting, I’ll add some pictures. Because we all like pictures. Click on them to make them bigger. Let’s start with pre-RY life: Family, friends, comfort, and home, but discontent. ~*~ June 2016: Prague, Czech Republic Don’t trust your first impressions; give second, third, and tenth chances. And get used to walking everywhere, because you need to balance out all the good foods (and cheap beer). ~*~ July 2016: Belgrade, Serbia Open your heart and let these

FOMO as a Long Term Traveller

I’m starting month four on this crazy little thing called Remote Year. And I think I’m at a point where my FOMO (fear of missing out) has slowed down considerably. Almost to the point where it doesn’t exist anymore. Is that a crazy thing to say? I mean, yeah, I still want to make as many memories with my friends as I can, but maybe my introverted trait is finally sticking up for herself and telling my outgoing trait to relax. Here’s what I’m going through: I no longer feel the need to go out to every lunch, dinner, and after-work drinks

Writing and Emotions

I had a Remote Year friend ask me recently if I was still writing. I kind of copped out of writing my last “personal” post by using a mostly pre-written piece (from a few months ago). Because the truth is, I haven’t been writing. Not because I have nothing to write about. It almost feels like I have too much to write about. I’ve been working a lot more. I was working a lot in Prague and Belgrade, but in London, I had a couple new projects overlap with the end of my previous projects in a way I hadn’t