In a Middle Place

I’m halfway to “settled.” I’ve signed a sublease for eight months. But my summer contract ran out without a full-time offer so I’m back to the job search – attending networking events and increasing my skills more than I have before. I have a great group of friends here in the city and really cool new roommates. But I also have so many other friends outside of this state that I want to grab coffees and have sleepovers with. I bought a bed frame, mattress, and decorations for my new room (with a few amazing gifts from my family). But

Welcome to New York

I moved. Which has been a constant theme all my life and this past year. But this time, I made a big move, by myself. With little assistance and hand holding, but a lot of advice from friends and family who have lived here. And so begins the next chapter of my life. Some details: I’m working for BARK – the creators of BarkBox. I’m interning to create and coordinate social impact programs and projects with their employees. It’s a cool group of people, a fun product/mission, and I get to pet dogs every day. What more can a puppy-obsessed

To The Remotes I Love

What a ride, eh? We started this journey about a year ago. We knew that a year would go by fast, but who knew we could cram so much into it? I look at our Instagrams and pictures we’re tagged in together on Facebook, and I can’t help but be amazed. We have done so much. And there is no way that I could have gone on this journey without you. I’m so lucky to have been placed in the Darien group of Remote Year – a weird special group, but, now, a family. Because the end of the year has passed

A Sentence Per Month: Rabat to Cordoba

I did this before, and it’s time to do it again. Same rules as last time: A one sentence recap of each month (but usually more than that because I can’t narrow it to one sentence). And a four-photo collage for each month (because who doesn’t love photos?). October 2016: Rabat, Morocco Step outside your comfort zone to take in new experiences. And say hi to mom and dad once in a while. ~*~ November 2016: Valencia, Spain Just because it’s not “home” doesn’t mean it can’t feel that way. ~*~ December 2016: Mexico City, Mexico Holidays don’t have to be on a certain day.

Confronting Myself

Hi everyone. In case we haven’t met, my name is Jessica, and I just recently started my last month traveling the world with Remote Year. When I signed on for this trip, I thought I would spend the year working, exploring, and meeting a few nice people. Instead, I spent it working, quitting, and finding a new job (yup, I have a new job – a least a temporary summer job – details eventually). I spent it exploring, getting sick of castles and museums, and trying to find joy in simple things. I also spent the year meeting incredible people that