Tall easily-sunburnt twenty-something female. I fall in love easily, but rarely say it out loud. My sisters are the highlights of my life. Any and every dog sighting makes me stop mid sentence and squeal a bit. I enjoy going to church, but I never know what to call myself because the word “Christian” leads to so much misunderstanding. My favorite food is any form of potato. One time, I posted a video to YouTube about packing. And my family has also posted vacation music videos on YouTube, but I won’t give you a link, you’ll have to find those on your own!

Usually, I get paid to figure out what marketing activity caused people to buy things. Sometimes, I get paid to help people organize and run projects. I don’t often get paid to write, but I love it, so I do it. Same thing with travel. I have even gotten paid to make websites and edit books, which I am incredibly grateful for.

When I was younger, I was homeschooled. After graduating from college, I moved to Florida and worked in the Disney College Program. When that chapter of my life finished, I moved back to the Midwest. Prior to 2016, I had been to eight countries. At the time, I had a remote job, so I joined Remote Year’s Darien group and added 12 more countries.

I’m perpatetic, nomadic, and every other synonym for “never settled.” I have been my whole life. I have moved all of my belongings to  27 different addresses – eight states and twelve countries. Now that I’m an adult and I get a say in where I live, I still can’t seem to figure out how to stay in one place – but I did sign an 8-month lease recently!

I am a very emotional person. And when I’m very emotional, I write. I write about how I felt while moving every month. I write when I don’t feel like writing. I write love letters to my friends. And I write honestly about things I struggle with. I also write happy things – which are the majority of the other posts here ;)

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