A Sentence Per Month: Rabat to Cordoba

I did this before, and it’s time to do it again. Same rules as last time:

A one sentence recap of each month (but usually more than that because I can’t narrow it to one sentence).

And a four-photo collage for each month (because who doesn’t love photos?).

October 2016: Rabat, Morocco

Step outside your comfort zone to take in new experiences. And say hi to mom and dad once in a while.

Rabat Pics. From left: Eating a family style tajine meal in a river, meeting and riding a camel, parents visiting Scotland and London, and a costume party in Fes.


November 2016: Valencia, Spain

Just because it’s not “home” doesn’t mean it can’t feel that way.

Valencia Pics. From left: Meera’s surprise visit, trip to Barcelona, Grandparents visiting in Paris, and fresh foods.


December 2016: Mexico City, Mexico

Holidays don’t have to be on a certain day. And they’re more about the people you share them with than what you end up doing.

December Pics. From left: Welcome to Mexico event, visiting my cousins, visiting my sisters and parents, and a farewell event at Xochimilco.


January 2017: Bogota, Colombia

American Peanut Butter solves a lot of problems. As do friends who ask hard questions and help you find the answers.

Bogota Pics. From left: New Years Eve, Jif and pancakes, coffee tasting, and a muddy cave climb.


February 2017: Medellin, Colombia

Digital nomads everywhere – remember to meet some true locals too. And let yourself feel loved.

Medellin Pics. From left: Mom coming to visit, Valentine’s Day roses, Pool Party 2.0, and a trip to the beach.


March 2017: Lima, Peru

No water = rough. But Machu Picchu = breathtaking, literally and figuratively.

Lima Pics. From left: Dinner at Central, Machu Picchu hike, sunset with a violinist, and Lollapalooza in Buenos Aires.


April 2017: Cordoba, Argentina

Don’t worry about the future. The best plans come from being open to new plans.

Cordoba Pics. From left: Sushi with a friend, cool mural, milanesas, and a charity makeover weekend.


And now we’re in our last month. In Buenos Aires. No pictures yet, but I’m sure they’ll be some of the best. Here’s to an incredible 27 more days!!

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