Remote Year Month 5: Rabat Recap

Morocco!! Africa!! Month 5!! Anyone else feel equal parts excited and anxious at the sight of those words? No? Just me? Cool, cool. How about cockroaches? Bottled water? No access to Whatsapp/Skype/Hangout calls? Or French food? Camel rides? Super moon in the Sahara? Suffice it to say, Month 5 in Morocco was a perfect example of my Remote Year life: extremely high highs, but extremely low lows… Highlight of the Month This is hard!! I’m going to split between three… 1) Hiking to the Bridge of God near the Blue City. I haven’t had that much fun in a while.

24 Hours in Valencia

I was an awful blog owner last month. Morocco was hard. I’ve tried writing about it a few times and just couldn’t get it out in the right way. I was too whiny. Or just plain sad. Or angry. Or trying too hard to be optimistic. None of the posts felt true to my real feelings. I’ll keep editing the posts though. I will get you at least one. As hard as last month was though, the last twenty-four hours I have spent in Valencia have been 10,000x better. Despite the fact that my luggage got stuck in Madrid over