The True Cost of Remote Year For Me: Part Two

Remember when I started writing about the cost of Remote Year? Time for part two!! Last time, I mentioned all the things that Remote Year provides for each program that are relatively the same for each program. Now, I want to dig into some of the abstract and more variable cost factors that I have considered on my specific program. PS, I’m biased, but Darien is definitely the best program of all the current programs ;) Let’s be honest… traveling with a tribe is tough. Before Remote Year (RY), I had never tried to be friends with 50+ people at one time. Let

A Sentence Per Month: PreRY to Lisbon

Let’s do something fun and easy. A one sentence recap of each month. Or a few sentences. Brevity is not my strength. To keep things interesting, I’ll add some pictures. Because we all like pictures. Click on them to make them bigger. Let’s start with pre-RY life: Family, friends, comfort, and home, but discontent. ~*~ June 2016: Prague, Czech Republic Don’t trust your first impressions; give second, third, and tenth chances. And get used to walking everywhere, because you need to balance out all the good foods (and cheap beer). ~*~ July 2016: Belgrade, Serbia Open your heart and let these

The True Cost of Remote Year For Me: Part One

I just learned that at least one more member of our Remote Year tribe will not be joining us on our next move to Rabat, Morocco. My heart breaks every time we have to say goodbye to another great friend. I wish him all the best, but am still upset that he’ll miss out on the many other memories that we have yet to make – we are barely finishing month 4 at this point!! That being said, he is not the only one in our group to have recently vocalized the idea of leaving. When the thought is brought

FOMO as a Long Term Traveller

I’m starting month four on this crazy little thing called Remote Year. And I think I’m at a point where my FOMO (fear of missing out) has slowed down considerably. Almost to the point where it doesn’t exist anymore. Is that a crazy thing to say? I mean, yeah, I still want to make as many memories with my friends as I can, but maybe my introverted trait is finally sticking up for herself and telling my outgoing trait to relax. Here’s what I’m going through: I no longer feel the need to go out to every lunch, dinner, and after-work drinks

First Impressions: Lisbon

Whether it was the sheer joy from getting out of a weird situation in London or if Lisbon really is a magical beautiful place, I will never be able to say. I just know that I love it here. Is it too early to tell you that this is my favorite city on my Remote Year itinerary thus far? Travel Day: UK to Portugal The journey from London to Lisbon was our latest start to a travel day so far. It was also the first month where we had remotes leave our group. So the morning of our travel day was