Remote Year Month 3: London Recap

Month 3 is in the books! One quarter of this yearlong program is complete. 90+ days have passed. My brain can’t truly comprehend what this means for the timeline of the program. I still feel so new. But I also feel like a professional at this packing/traveling/stumbling-through-a-new-language stuff. And I can’t imagine how quickly or slowly the end of this year will arrive. But enough of that. Onto London!!  This month was the first month that I think a lot of us struggled to stay optimistic and positive about the Remote Year program and our personal/work lives. I had a

Writing and Emotions

I had a Remote Year friend ask me recently if I was still writing. I kind of copped out of writing my last “personal” post by using a mostly pre-written piece (from a few months ago). Because the truth is, I haven’t been writing. Not because I have nothing to write about. It almost feels like I have too much to write about. I’ve been working a lot more. I was working a lot in Prague and Belgrade, but in London, I had a couple new projects overlap with the end of my previous projects in a way I hadn’t

First Impressions: London

Does it count as first impressions if it’s not the first time I’ve been to a city? I know I can relay my first impressions of this new area I’m living in and the place I’m living in. But I saw so many of the must-see sights last time (5 years ago) that it almost feels like coming home in a way. The fact that they speak English is also a perk – even if the words they use do make me giggle sometimes. It’s just SO British :) I’m also rather late writing up these “first” impressions, so I’ll

Life Before Remote Year

A few weeks ago, I found something I wrote in April of this year. Two months after I had been accepted to Remote Year and a little less than two months before my program started. Before you read it, I want you to know some of my own thoughts on this piece (you can read it and then come back to read my thoughts if that is easier for you): To be honest, I remembered that I felt this way, but I hadn’t remembered how deeply I felt it. When I look back at this last year, I am so incredibly grateful

Remote Year Month 2: Belgrade Recap

Yet again, another month has ended. And we’ve moved to a new city (more on that in a later post!!). I won’t bring up the number of days left because I’ll just get sad and have to take a break from writing for a while. Plus, there is still so much between now and then!! So, let’s recap July in Belgrade, Serbia.   Highlight of the Month When I thought about spending my birthday in Serbia – a country I had barely heard of let alone thought about – I was really upset. In August, we are in London. Imagining