When the Honeymoon Ends…

At this point in Remote Year, I’ve stopped counting how many days have passed since we started this journey. And I try to avoid looking at my countdown app for the end of our program. Because I don’t want to focus on that timeline. Days pass, and I know the end will be here before we know it. But we are already SO confronted with “days left” in our current cities that I can’t really comprehend or reflect on the total number of days left. Along that line, for the last week, I’ve been talking to a lot of people

Church and Awana in the Czech Republic

For more background on today’s post, read this introduction to the series. While I was living in Prague, an article came out about the religious state of the Czech Republic. Basically, it has one of the highest rates of lack of religious affiliation in the world – about 60%. Another article from 2015 shows the Czech Republic as the #3 most non-religious or atheistic country in the world, behind China and Sweden. It’s probably not surprising then that while I was in Prague or soon after I left, I knew two people from Minnesota who went with separate missionary groups to

First Impressions: Belgrade

I’ve been living in Belgrade for 13 days and I’m FINALLY getting around to writing about it. I think it’s been hard because I do want to get out and experience the city and life on Remote Year, but at the same time, I want to document it. I want to be able to look back at the end of the year and re-experience the emotions, re-play the memories, and re-learn some of the early lessons. So, today, I’m carving out some time in my schedule to sit alone and write about the last two weeks in Belgrade. The Journey We

An Introduction to My Posts about Church

Just a note: These posts may not interest everyone who reads my blog and that’s absolutely fine. These are one of my personal projects for the year, and I want to document it for those who are interested and who have asked. I will still post about other things throughout my trip, so be sure to come back later this week for something new! As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up moving around. One of the worst parts about moving around is having to find new places to continue a normal routine. New grocery stores. New libraries. New movie theaters

Remote Year Month 1: Prague Recap

1/12 of this incredible journey is over. How insane is that? And actually, 38/365 days are complete, which is more like 10.41% of the year than 8.33%. #NerdyNumbers #SorryNotSorry One of my (many) goals for the year is to write up a quick review of each month. My normal posts tend to be pretty emotional/feelings heavy. The purpose of these posts is more informational. Useful. :) If you have any questions about the months that you think I should add to these monthly posts, let me know!! Highlight of the Month All these people. Seriously. Look at them. They look pretty