First Impressions: Prague

It’s for real now. This Remote Year thing isn’t just an idea in my head, it’s actual people (dare I say friends already?). It’s actual apartments and grocery stores and learning a new language. I know I’ve been telling people for the last few months that I’m doing this travel thing, but I don’t think it ever actually seemed real until I met a couple of my fellow travelers at the airport on Saturday. My half-week in NYC with my sister was fantastic. It’s all over instagram and in my photo album for the month. I loved getting that last

Single Digit Days

It’s officially hitting me. This whole year-long adventure thing starts in 9 DAYS! And as excited as I am, I’m also about the same amount anxious. I’m anxious in the good way – eagerly awaiting the new challenges and people. And I’m anxious in the not so good way – randomly going through a mental list of to-dos, trying to think of things I’ve forgotten. I actually got a head cold on Friday/Saturday due to the stress of work and the anxiety for my trip. That’s how I always know I’m thinking too hard – when my body starts to shut itself

My Remote Year Packing List

Guess what!! I made a video. After being inspired by my uber-creative sisters and their recently created YouTube channels – and also collaborating on some soon-to-be-released videos – I decided to record myself going through a bunch of the stuff I bought for my upcoming trip – a pseudo remote year packing list of sorts. And it was easier to do by video than by writing. It’s long, I know. I’m awkward in front of the camera, yes. And the light makes my naturally-light skin look pure white. Not my favorite look. But that’s not the point! The point is to