Good Human Habits

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about healthy habits and the reasons why I stick to (and accomplish) some and not others. This seems to be a normal human thing, but if you’re a person who has figured out how to stick to and accomplish every goal you’ve ever set, let me know your secret!! For those of you who – like me – have a hard time setting up and maintaining habits, let’s just dig in. I usually get a reputation in my family for being the nerdy healthy person. Whether that is warranted or not is definitely up

Movement and Settling In

June 18th was my last post here. And then summer happened. My project at work picked up. I started making time for friends way more than I have in my life. My family has been eating dinner together because of some new living situations for me and my sister. And I traveled. A lot. This is how we #fourthofjuly ⛅☀?⛵?? #hammock #lakelife A photo posted by Jessica Schlauderaff (@jessschlaud) on Jul 3, 2015 at 9:45am PDT We spent 4th of July hanging out by a lake. My family has some friends that own a cabin, and we have been lucky