Introvert Accomplishments

The last week of my life has been really amazing. I’ve felt truly happy about 95% of the time. I posted pictures on instagram and started tweeting again. I’ve been talking to real live boys and not dreading it. Work is going well, even with our project finally picking up speed. Sure, there were a few minor bumps this week (mostly with personal side projects), but life is so good! And, I left the apartment four of the five weeknights last week and all of Saturday afternoon. I didn’t just leave the comfort of my apartment though, I went to

The Problem with “Later”

“I’ll do it later.” “Someday, I’d like to…” “Eventually, we should…” “I’ll work on it when I get some more free time.” How often do you use those excuses or something like that when it comes to your passions/dreams/goals? I’m not talking about using them for the chores. I am still working on no longer being a chore-procrastinator myself. I’m talking about those things that you’ve wanted to do since you were a kid. Or those things that grab your attention and refuse to let you go. Every once in a while, I’ll get hooked on an idea or a