Writing and Emotions

I had a Remote Year friend ask me recently if I was still writing. I kind of copped out of writing my last “personal” post by using a mostly pre-written piece (from a few months ago). Because the truth is, I haven’t been writing. Not because I have nothing to write about. It almost feels like I have too much to write about. I’ve been working a lot more. I was working a lot in Prague and Belgrade, but in London, I had a couple new projects overlap with the end of my previous projects in a way I hadn’t

First Impressions: London

Does it count as first impressions if it’s not the first time I’ve been to a city? I know I can relay my first impressions of this new area I’m living in and the place I’m living in. But I saw so many of the must-see sights last time (5 years ago) that it almost feels like coming home in a way. The fact that they speak English is also a perk – even if the words they use do make me giggle sometimes. It’s just SO British :) I’m also rather late writing up these “first” impressions, so I’ll

Life Before Remote Year

A few weeks ago, I found something I wrote in April of this year. Two months after I had been accepted to Remote Year and a little less than two months before my program started. Before you read it, I want you to know some of my own thoughts on this piece (you can read it and then come back to read my thoughts if that is easier for you): To be honest, I remembered that I felt this way, but I hadn’t remembered how deeply I felt it. When I look back at this last year, I am so incredibly grateful

Remote Year Month 2: Belgrade Recap

Yet again, another month has ended. And we’ve moved to a new city (more on that in a later post!!). I won’t bring up the number of days left because I’ll just get sad and have to take a break from writing for a while. Plus, there is still so much between now and then!! So, let’s recap July in Belgrade, Serbia.   Highlight of the Month When I thought about spending my birthday in Serbia – a country I had barely heard of let alone thought about – I was really upset. In August, we are in London. Imagining

When the Honeymoon Ends…

At this point in Remote Year, I’ve stopped counting how many days have passed since we started this journey. And I try to avoid looking at my countdown app for the end of our program. Because I don’t want to focus on that timeline. Days pass, and I know the end will be here before we know it. But we are already SO confronted with “days left” in our current cities that I can’t really comprehend or reflect on the total number of days left. Along that line, for the last week, I’ve been talking to a lot of people